Innovative Solutions

In order to propel the dairy industry forward and help our clients efficiently manage and optimize the complex process of dairy management, ENGS employs a unique combination of extensive experience and familiarity with the dairy industry's environment and specific needs, along with advanced technological high tech capabilities.
Our all-inclusive as well as standalone solutions provide new levels of ease, accuracy and control, allowing you to upgrade your daily operation while maintaining and enhancing efficiency and cost effectiveness regardless of your existing farm type, herd size or management system.   
  • Cutting edge All inclusive and Standalone management options
  • Innovative time conserving devices
  • Highly Cost effective solutions
  • Advanced management software
  • Compatible with any pasture size or distance to the pasture
  • Frequent, real-time data transfer, providing more information than any competing system
  • Reduces the need for infrastructure
Heat Detection 
ENGS’s innovative Track A))) Cow system, is a unique solution which combines state of the art technology with unique benefits to assist in enhancing the heat detection process along with cow's welfare status. Read More    
Milking Management
The ENGS’s Milking management solution includes parlor configuration and devices parameters setup, and allows for real time and continuous data processing which is received from the milk meter LM30 and can include our unique Long Range Pedometers (LRP), for both automatic ID and advanced heat detection. Read More
ID Solutions
The Portable Watch ID - an ENGS innovation - a mobile identification concept which features a unique “watch” like unit worn on the operator’s wrist. The Portable Watch ID offers the dairy manager a reliable animal ID system that meets the accuracy of per stall ID systems at the low cost level of the Walkthrough. Read More
Heat Detection
Track A))) Cow
Highly accurate up to 2,000 meters–without the need for any infrastructure 
More timely information than any competing system!
Milking Management
Collect, analyze and manage valuable cost effective information.
Quality Management = Profitable Milking


I.D Solutions
Innovative Portable Watch ID
Accuracy of per stall ID - Low cost level of the walkthrough
Animal Welfare
Helping you detect, as early as possible, health issues before they evolve into severe problems.
Monitoring - Awareness - Treatment
Sheep & Goats
Ideal for small ruminate milking parlors monitoring and management.
Special requirements - Special attention
Turnkey Projects
State of the art solutions
To suit every aspect of your dairy farming project needs.