ENGS Systems

Sheep & Goats

ENGS sheep and goats milking management system has been developed with special attention to small ruminate milking.
The EcoFlow milking point is specially designed to milk sheep and goats with a unique milking interface and operates in the special milking conditions of sheep and goats milking parlors – free stall parallel, swing over and high speed pulsation control.
The unique Watch ID ensures 100% in post identification and the EcoHerd management software assists the herd management with individual, groups or entire herd’s various reports.
The EcoHerd system is designed to accommodate and handle all manner of livestock. The system provides a high resolution monitoring and management of events as well as health and wellness related data gathering and analysis.
The EcoHerd system functions as a gathering, analyzing and monitoring tool and enables you to receive notifications via SMS and Email.    
Portable Watch ID
An ENGS innovation - The exceptional Portable Watch ID is a mobile identification concept which features a unique “watch” like identification unit which is worn on the operator’s wrist. The Portable Watch ID is completely wireless. It receives all information regarding the animal straight from the tags and then integrates fluently with the EcoHerd system which processes the data and generates accurate, on the spot reliable reports regarding the animal’s production and health.
Sheep & Goats
Ideal for small ruminate milking parlors monitoring and management.
Special requirements - Special attention