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I.D Solutions

In addition to supplying and installing all known forms of I.D. Solutions (In Post and Walkthrough) and maintaining their fluent integration with the entire EcoHerd system, ENGS has developed a revolutionary I.D. solution which offers the dairy manager a reliable animal ID system that meets the accuracy of per stall ID systems at the low cost level of the Walkthrough.
The Portable Watch ID
The exceptional Portable Watch ID is a mobile identification concept which features a unique “watch” like identification unit worn on the operator’s wrist to detect both the ‘address’ of the milking stall and the tag of the animal at the moment the cluster is attached for milking. In this way, all information regarding the animal can be gathered on the spot, accurately and reliably.
With the Watch ID System, the infrastructure costs of multiple in-post antennas and wiring are simply eliminated.
The design of the Watch ID System is applicable to most parlor systems. Even in shared parlors where animals standing opposite to each other, they can milked by one Milk Watch unit through a swing-over system, and in free-style parlors, where animals standing next to each other can be milked by one Milk Watch unit.
The Portable Watch ID transmits and receives all data wirelessly from LRP/passive tags and then integrates fluently with the EcoHerd system which processes the data and generates accurate, on the spot reliable reports regarding the animal’s production and welfare.  
I.D Solutions
Innovative Portable Watch ID
Accuracy of per stall ID - Low cost level of the walkthrough