• “We purchased Track a))) Cow system in order to handle issues of poor heat detection and due to the need to systematically synchronize all cows. The reason we chose it is its technical superiority over other systems we examined. After 40 days of use, we had proof of the system’s abilities. It improved our pregnancy rates by 7%, and saved over €3,000 otherwise spent on hormones. Our insemination rates have increased, and we have improvement in handling cystic cows, cows with diseases and calvings. It also reduced our herd’s open days and lowered the age of first calving. Track a))) Cow's key advantages are its real-time detection capabilities, which give us the sense of having everything under control. The reports provided by the system give us information that lets us prioritize the tasks of each day and plan how to best allocate our time. Also, operation is very intuitive, so the system is easy to use. I absolutely cannot imagine reverting to our previous situation before Track a))) Cow , and I consider it an indispensable tool”.



  • “We acquired Track a))) Cow to improve our farm management and fertility rates. Since we started using it, the reference parameters of our fertility have considerably improved, and after 9-10 months we had improvements in fertility rates. Track a))) Cow helps us create a customized list of priorities and organize the day accordingly. It enables us inseminate the animals at the right time, and its health monitoring capabilities enabled us to detect several lameness cases and treat them promptly. I think its main benefit is ease of use, which allows the user to quickly learn how to use and customize the system. I see Track a))) Cow as essential to our farm and would definitely recommend it”.


  • "We first chose the BreederTag System (ABS brand) because of its competitive pricing. We wanted it to increase our low heat detection rates. Since we began using the system, we saw a decrease in the calving interval and an increase in conception rates and heat detection. We noticed an improvement in fertility rates after just 2 weeks of use, and an increase in conception around 5% after 5 months of use. The system also helps us detect lameness and other pathologies. With BreederTag System we can afford to reduce our monitoring of the cows throughout the day, and also save a daily hour of monitoring in the heifer barn. Now we would have trouble doing without BreederTag System and would definitely recommend it. We really like its reliability, ease of use, effective heat detection and price/performance ratio.



  • “We purchased Track a))) Cow system to solve the problems we were having with weak heat. Now I can’t imagine managing my operations without Track a))) Cow system. It really helped streamline our operations, and our fertility rates improved as well. I’ve recommended Track a))) Cow to many other farms since I started using it. One of its best features is SMS notification. The system is very user friendly, much more so than other products”.


  • “Before Track a))) Cow, we could only detect heat in cows that walked past the transmitter, which was quite ineffective. We chose Track a))) Cow system for its ability to monitor multiple sheds and its affordable cost. I believe Track a))) Cow's key strengths are its high quality, good backup, expert installation, and unlimited backup and software updates. Since we started using it, our fertility rates improved by 25-30% within just a few weeks, as we get more heifers pregnant right on time. We now enjoy a longer monitoring range, and also tags with 12-hour memory. With Track a))) Cow, we can easily identify a cow that is not feeding properly. We don’t have time to watch the cows all day, so I wouldn’t be able to manage the farm without Track a))) Cow.”