• ENGS innovative Watch ID is a unique and reliable animal identification system that offers the accuracy of per-stall ID systems at a low cost level. It features a special "watch" identification unit worn on the operator's wrists. The watch detects both the stall position and animal ID immediately when the cluster is attached for milking. It is fully integrated with the EcoHerd system, which processes the data and generates accurate, real-time reliable reports regarding animals’ productivity and health.

    Watch ID
    The Watch ID system was designed in specifically for sheep and goats and is very effective in situations where it is difficult to identify the animal at each individual milking point or instead of less accurate walk-through ID systems.

    The EcoHerd system is a data collection, analysis and monitoring software tool assisting the herd manager with a variety of reports for individual animals, groups or the entire herd. EcoHerd provides high-resolution monitoring and management of events as well as collection and analysis of health and wellness related data. The system is designed to accommodate and handle all types of livestock.