• ENGS’ Track a))) Cow system offers unrivalled capabilities at the forefront of technology for optimizing the farm’s productivity. Track a))) Cow’s powerful monitoring extends over an unlimited distance, yet pinpoints highly accurate real-time data for each animal’s behavior. Moreover, its sophisticated algorithms use the high-resolution data collected to analyze a wide variety of parameters, uncovering valuable insights on the herd’s health and welfare. The system’s alerts and continuous monitoring streamline management and maintenance tasks, enabling optimal care for dairy, beef, sheep and goat herds.
  • Track a))) Cow’s real-time feed intake monitoring technology enables quick decision-making, early resolution of issues and prevention of production losses. Unlike systems based on rumination monitoring, which use a delayed and indirect indicator, ENGS systems are based on feeding behavior, a direct indicator which takes place before rumination.

    The system's unique focus on feed behavior offers the advantage of early detection in cases such as mastitis, lameness, gastro- intestinal or metabolic disorders. This can reduce response time and medical expenses, avoiding production loss and decreasing the involuntary culling rate.

    The system creates real-time alerts for:

    • Mastitis
    • Lameness
    • Calving
    • Down Cow
    • Social stress
    • Early detection of metabolic disorders
    • Lying behavior
    • Feed intake
    • Water intake
  • Track a))) Cow’s monitoring capabilities operate over an unlimited range, allowing it to monitor the herd’s health at all times and in any environment. Moreover, Track a))) Cow can accommodate any farm environment and is tailored to the specific farm’s needs.

  • The system continuously samples and analyzes cow behavior patterns for highly accurate diagnosis of health and welfare issues. Track a))) Cow’s sophisticated algorithms use a wide variety of parameters, far more varied and advanced than the standard activity monitoring. Lying behavior, for example, is a key indicator for the cow’s welfare, reflecting issues such as lameness and heat stress.

  • ENGS' innovative system is the only one that integrates its complete range of functionalities into a single tag, from feed behavior analysis to health monitoring and heat detection. This approach enables flexibility to adapt to different farm types, according to their unique needs and resources.

  • ENGS innovative Watch ID is a unique and reliable animal identification system that offers the accuracy of per-stall ID systems at a low cost level. It features a special “watch” identification unit worn on the operators' wrists. The watch detects both the stall position and animal ID immediately when the cluster is attached for milking. It is fully integrated with the EcoHerd system, which processes the data and generates accurate, real-time reliable reports regarding animals’ productivity and health.