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  • ENGS’s innovative Track A))) Cow system, is a unique solution which combines state of the art technology with unique benefits to assist in enhance the heat detection process along with cow's welfare status.
    Track A))) Cow’s Long Range Pedometer (LRP) technology uses 433MHz ultra long-range radio, which is freely available around the world (ISM band). This enables frequent, real-time data transfer, thus providing more timely information than any competing system.
    ENGS’s LRP technology provides advanced, high-resolution activity measurement with continuous indicators for animal posture - lying or standing. These features enable highly accurate heat detection and possible health and welfare early warning signs enabling you to deal with them before they evolve.
    The Track A))) Cow installation is easy and simple, covering a range of up to 2000m, enabling highly effective heat detection of grazing and non grazing cows, as well as heifers in any type of farm, including free stall, robot, stanchion barns, open pastures etc. regardless of milking procedures’ existence or technique.
    The Track A))) Cow system can be integrated with existing herd management systems and provides additional features for cow identification.
    Higher resolution►Accurate timely data►Better heat detection/better health monitoring► Improved pregnancy rates/improved cow welfare
    • 24/7 monitoring - anytime, anywhere
    • Ideal for use with heifers
    • Eliminates physical bottlenecks caused by the readers or gates
    • Reduces the need for additional manpower
    • Cow activity information updated every few minutes – Real-time telemetry
    • Uninfluenced by irregular milking sessions (robot milking)

    Track A ))) Cow System

  • ENGS’s telemetric monitoring leg tags offer a myriad of exceptional advantages to assist and optimize the cow tracking and heat detection process:  
    The only Long Range Radio leg tags in the world
    Wireless - Minimal infrastructure required
    In-heat detection on the leg
    Cow movement on the leg
    Simple strap attachment

    Optimal reliability - Extremely low maintenance
    Very small enclosure - minimum waste build up
    No IR lens
    No battery replacement
    5 years  rated warranty
  • In addition to determining and reporting when a cow is in heat the EcoHeat Software also receives and processes information relating to the general wellness of the cow. The system provides data regarding movement and posture, (lying/standing) and irregular activity, thus able to notify and anticipate events and possible health issues. 
    The EcoHeat Software employs a range of graphs and reports which conveniently enables you to keep track of each cow and its conditions and to maintain a complete, up to date database on all animals in the herd.
    • Ready for service – Cows in-heat that are ready for insemination
    • Suspected in-heat – Cows with high activity that are suspected to be in-heat
    • Cows in-heat – Cows with in heat or insemination event
    • Inactive tags – Indication for malfunctioning tags, or tags that fell off the animal
    • Lying/Standing ratio report – indication of cow health i.e. lameness, mastitis, etc.
    • Irregular behavior – exceptions of low activity cows, high activity and activity related to certain hours or animal conditions
    • Daily average steps per hour over the lactation:
      • Set in-heat and insemination events for cows that show on the report
      • Export the reports to Excel or other applications
    • Activity graph in a convenient sliding window
    • Activity Resolution viewing scale: 1,2,4,6,8,12,24 hours
    • Up to 30 days high resolution (activity and posture) history
    • Posture (lying/standing) graph in combination with activity
    • Selected lactation – current and historical
    • Multiple lactations


    Lactation activity graph showing high activity and consequential insemination resulting in positive pregnancy diagnose.

    Lying/standing graph showing correlation between high activity and standing time for the cow.

    High activity level resulting in consequential insemination a few hours after.

    Two high activity levels (two heats)