• The Only Field Proven Monitoring Solution for Beef Herds
    Be it pedigree herds, commercial pasture based beef herds or feedlots, Track a))) Cow provides the herd manager with accurate, automatic field-proven monitoring capabilities. Our unique algorithms, specifically designed for beef herds, enable optimizing the herd’s reproductive efficiency, health and welfare. Moreover, Track a))) Cow’s pioneering technology is the only one providing beef herd monitoring over an unlimited distance.

    Highly Accurate Heat Detection
    Our real-time monitoring system incorporates a wide variety of behavior parameters. Track a))) Cow offers maximum precision to detect and analyze the cow's estrous behavior. This precision monitoring provides the pedigree farm manager with decision making tools, for more accurate insemination timing and increased conception rates. Track a))) Cow continues to monitor the served cows’ estrus expression. Absence of estrus behavior implies pregnancy in both commercial and pedigree herds. The system identifies cycling cows with open status, and enables the herd manager to improve fertility performance, through  natural service or artificial insemination.

    Health Monitoring
    Health issues, especially BRD (Bovine Respiratory Disease) in feedlots is the primary cause of morbidity and mortality, causing considerable financial loss and decreasing of animal welfare. The key to effective control of BRD is highly accurate identification of the diseased cattle.
    Track a))) Cow's health and welfare monitoring analyzes and alerts on a broad spectrum of behaviors, including feeding and drinking patterns, as well as activity and lying behavior, for early detection of sick or stressed animals. Behavior Monitoring can be incorporated for bulls as well, to detect issues such as lameness, which can affect the bull’s efficiency.
    Features for Pedigree Herds
    • Heat detection
    • Optimal insemination time
    • Calving Alerts
    • Pregnancy verification and identification
    • Suspected abortion alerts
    • Identify empty cows after breeding season
    • Lameness detection

    Features for Commercial Beef Herds
    • Monitoring open animals
    • Pregnancy verification and identification
    • Suspected abortion alerts
    • Lameness detection
    • Monitor bull's activity and efficiency
    • Identify empty cows after breeding season
    Features for Feedlots
    • Identify non-cycling cows
    • Calves health monitoring from birth to weaning
    • Identify health issues
    • BRD and fever detection
    • Monitor social stress
    • Feed & water intake monitoring