• Free Flow Technology

    ENGS’ Free Flow technology records each cow's individual data in the milking parlor, including milk flow rate, quantity, temperature and electrical conductivity. The data is then transferred to the milking management program, enabling the farmer to make vital decisions on the cow’s health and productivity.

    Our Free Flow milk meter offers full control over the entire milking process at each milking point, enabling centralized calibration, cleaning and operation. Our innovative technology ensures that the milk flows freely and uniformly, preventing a major cause of mastitis. The meter contains no moving parts, limiting maintenance costs to a minimum.


    • Free Flow design for easy maintenance
    • Reduces risk for milk contamination and mastitis infections
    • Measures even small quantities of milk
    • Standalone or in conjunction with automatic ID
    • In-Post ID From any MPC (milking point control)

    Milking Controls

    • Milking
    • Cluster removal
    • Pulsation
    • Flow control pulsation
    • Stimulation
    • Sweep
    • Swing-over arm
    • Stops on kick-off

    Sort Gate and Weighing System

    ENGS technology enables the farm staff to tag cows for insemination or treatments and have them automatically sorted to any of several designated areas when exiting the milking parlor or moved through a squeeze. The Sort Gate can also include a weighing system, which automatically weighs the cows and records the data. The automated cow sorting system reduces labor by automatically separating pre-selected cows for scheduled treatment.