• ENGS is a privately owned company first established in the year 2000 with the clear goal of developing and providing innovative solutions for the dairy industry.
    Placing a strong emphasis on emerging technologies and constant progress, ENGS employs a range of highly qualified engineers, research, veterinarians cattle farm managers and R&D specialists, who continuously collaborate to invent, develop and employ new and exciting solutions to improve the overall dairy management process and bring the dairy manager’s daily routine to new levels of ease, accuracy, efficiency, profitability and flow.
    From our innovative and unique Track a Cow pedometer-based system and highly advanced management software, to our free flow Milking Point Controllers, ENGS’s product range development strategy is based on the following principals:
    • Innovative Technology
    • Answers practical needs for the farmer
    • Full Scalability 
    • Ease of Installation, operation and maitainance
    ENGS’s solutions are fully compliant with the highest industry standards and most importantly – enabling you to continuously drive your business forward.