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Animal Welfare

ENGS’s System encompasses many unique benefits which in addition to their exceptional Heat Detection abilities, also serve in the daily monitoring and managing of your herd’s various health and wellness issues.
By receiving continuous reporting of the cow’s activity and posture levels from EcoHeat, the dairy supervisor is automatically and fluently made aware of anomalies in the cow’s activity and behavior, which is in essence warning signs, raising alert in cases of irregularities regarding the individual cow’s condition and allowing him to deal with health and welfare concerns before they evolve.
ENGS’s Long Range Pedometer (LRP) technology delivers detailed reports concerning each individual cow’s steps taken and lying/standing periods, by monitoring and reporting the data, the system can automatically alert the user to various causes for concern regarding each animal’s wellbeing.
A lower than usual number of steps, and/or too long standing or lying time, can point to lethargy and certain metabolic conditions or lameness, which limit the cow’s activity level and can result in contaminations and even prove to be fatal if not treated in time. Alternatively, a decreased activity level can also indicate an undetected physical injury which requires medical attention. 
Similarly, a heightened activity can serve to alert the dairy supervisor to nervousness or unease prevalent among the herd. These can stem, among other causes, from the appearance of a wild animal in the shed, a lack of food or a shortage of water which can result from issues in the main pipe etc.     
By using the EcoFlow milking point you can detect early stage of Mastitis and other diseases such as 3 days fever. High accurate measuring of the milk conductivity in each milking session and comparison with expected conductivity of the same cow can indicate Mastitis. Measuring of the milk temperature with the resolution of 0.1 C indicate the animal body temperature.    
Daily use of ENGS’s EcoHerd System, helps you to be in full awareness and control of the above concerns, as well as many other issues which can affect your herd’s immediate well being- at all times.
With ENGS you can have the peace of mind of that comes with round the clock awareness which allows for timely treatment, even saving your animals’ lives and as a result saving you - unnecessary hassle, precious time and ultimately money.  
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Animal Welfare
Helping you detect, as early as possible, health issues before they evolve into severe problems.
Monitoring - Awareness - Treatment